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Scientific American Science and Technology Awards 2004 Scientific selected Understanding Evolution for a 2004 Science & Technology Web Award in the Biology category.

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The Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (ENC) selected Understanding Evolution as an exemplary website, part of their Digital Dozen for October 2004.

Science News Online selected Understanding Evolution for its Science Safari in Cyberspace for April 3, 2004.

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I am writing, not as a teacher or educator, but as a mere "passer-by" who is awestruck at the simple yet powerful demonstration and learning tool you have created about evolution. What a remarkable thing you have assembled!

Having what I believe to be a firm grasp of evolution, and understanding the difficulties involved with explaining it in a concise and understandable way to others, I am ecstatic at having discovered such an immensely useful resource. I canít tell you how impressed I am with the manner and non-technical tone in which you have produced such a wide review of evolutionary theory. Itís truly fantastic and deserving of a wider audience.

I only wish I could be so succinct and capable with my own words and explanations. Now I donít need to worry about such things! All I have to do is pass along: Brilliant!

Thanks for your time,

Just wanted to offer high praise on the best education site I have ever seen on the web. An expertly organized and presented two speed mini-course on evolution. If you haven't already, you should get some type of award for it.


My husband and I have really enjoyed reading the Understanding Evolution Website. As a teacher, I especially appreciate the funny graphics and clear delivery. The information is given in small chunks, but it is still evident how these smaller concepts fit into the larger theory of evolution. Thank you.


A sincere thank to you and your colleagues for creating such a fantastic, easy-to-navigate, and organized site for teachers! Please relay my appreciation to the creators of the materials and lesson plans.

Best regards,

As a school board member in Salina, Kansas, I appreciate your site, which gives clear and understandable answers to some difficult questions. Keep it up.


I just encountered this website. I teach a 100-level evolution class at the university of Oregon and would be very interested in using your understanding phylogenies material in a lecture. All the graphics would be very helpful.

Thank you--great website!

I greatly appreciate and enjoy the Understanding Evolution website, which I am now using in a one semester course on evolution at Lehman High School, Bronx, NY.


Your website is wonderful! As a Christian who seeks to be a science teacher, I wish more Christians would bother to confront their issues with evolution by really learning the misconceptions they believe. I read over the misconceptions area and I loved it! Simply designed, but thorough enough to cover the big questions. Thank you, I hope to let others know about this material.


Thank you for creating this fantastic resource for teaching evolution. It will be a big bonus for my courses. It is so hard to get the outrageous amounts of evidence for evolution across to students in short periods of time, and this website is a big step in the right direction.

I plan to use it in my introductory biology course next fall and I hope to contribute to it in the future if possible.

Well done!

Fantastic job! The site is great. Wonderful design, wonderful architecture, great content! I appreciate that the navigation is intuative and that even the graphics load quickly on a dial-up connection.

Everyone did a fantastic job! I wish all educational sites were this good.


Hi! I am an undergrad studying biology at Tarleton State University in Stephenville, TX. I just wanted to fly you a quick comment about your site:

Excellent job!!!!! :) I really do enjoy it! There's lots of cool hidden humor -- I especially like some of the students questions on those 'quick quiz' parts.

Evolution really is something that people have soooo many misconceptions about, and your site really helps clear up a bunch of those misconceptions. So thanks so much for the great site and keep up the great work!!! :)


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